About Us

Kelly's Golf has been in business for 34 years providing premier custom clubs, club repair, and modifications in the Greensboro Triad area. We take a common sense, no gimmick approach to golf clubs. Most sets perform best when designed with solid fundamentals including flex, length, lie angle, grip size, and shaft flex. We serve a customer base of all ages including men, women, and kids.

We're different because we explain the basics of why some clubs work and others do not. We change the public's perception of what the golf industry says and what really works, and we make precision adjustments to help your golf swing.

Recently, we designed a driver for a gentleman who was losing distance mainly because his shots were fading to the right. We specified that he needed a 2 degree closed face and 2 degree upright lie angle. His fellow golfers said they had never seen him hit so many fairways!