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Top Websites to Find Golf Tournaments in Greensboro

Getting involved in local golf tournaments is a great way to up your golf game. Getting ready for a golf tournament and participating in one can really help improve your golf game.


Tips for Preparing for a Golf Tournament

-Get to know the course you are playing on. Knowing the holes that you will be playing can help you get ready for playing in the tournament. It can also relieve some stress since you know what to expect.

-Know the rules of the tournament. Different tournaments are going to have slightly different rules so be sure to familiarize yourself with the rule for your specific tournament.

-Don’t over practice. Over practicing or stressing about playing perfectly can lead to injuries or unnecessary stress. Practice like normal but remember, golf is about having fun.


There are many different ways to find golf tournaments in your area. You may be wondering what some of the best ways to find those tournaments are and don’t worry! We are here to help. Here are 4 of our favorite websites to find golf tournaments in Greensboro, NC.



This website gives you tournaments in the specific city that you search. If you are looking for golf tournaments in Greensboro only then this website is perfect for you.



This website gives you all the golf tournaments across North Carolina. There might not always be a tournament going on in Greensboro specifically but there is usually one in the nearby area. You can find amateur, senior amateur, womens only and many other types of tournaments here.



Eventbrite gives you tournaments all across the state, similar to What’s nice about EventBrite is that it also lists the price for most of the tournaments so you don’t have to go digging to figure out if each event is in your price range.



This site lists all the golf tournaments in North and South Carolina. This would be great for those looking to travel a little bit for tournaments. This also gives you more variety and options to choose from.


Another tip for getting ready for a golf tournament is to make sure all of your equipment is in tip top shape. At Kelly’s Golf we can make sure your clubs are in their best shape and that they are adjusted to meet your individual golf needs. We also sell new and used equipment to help you be successful on the course. Stop by today to browse our selection and to discuss your golf needs!

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