What is the lie angle?

The lie angle is the angle made between the center of the shaft and the ground line when the club is in it’s correct position. When you measure the angle between the ground and the shaft, that is the lie angle.

The accuracy of your shots is affected by the lie angle of your clubs. If you are using clubs with a lie angle that doesn’t properly fit your body or the type of golfer you are then you could be negatively impacting your golf game.

What types of lie angles are there?

Golf clubs that you buy off the shelf have what we call “standard lie angle.” A club with a lie angle that is lower than the standard lie angle has a flat lie angle. A club that has a lie angle that is higher than the standard has an upright lie angle.

How does the lie angle affect my golf shot?

In order for you to have the best golf shot, your clubs lie angle needs to properly fit your swing and your body. If the lie angle isn’t right for you then you could have problems with accuracy.

We check the lie angle during club fittings

Whether you are looking for a new set of clubs or getting your old ones checked out, we will check the lie angle and make sure that it is right for your body and your swing. We will take measurements and analyze your swing to ensure that your clubs fit you properly.
It is best to have the lie angle of your clubs looked at by a professional. At Kelly’s Golf we will work with you to figure out the right lie angle for your golf game. Working with a professional allows you to ensure you are getting the perfect fit and can play at your best.