Your golf clubs have a big impact on your golf performance so making sure they fit you right is super important. Having the right shaft on your golf club can help you have a better shot and more power. Knowing when to reshaft your golf clubs is important to ensure you are playing at your best.

How do I know when to reshaft my golf clubs?

There are two occasions when you’ll need to reshaft your clubs. The first one is pretty obvious – when the shaft breaks. If a shafts breaks, then it’s beyond repair and you’ll need to replace it.

One reason you might need to reshaft your golf club is if your shaft breaks. A second reason is if your ball course changes dramatically. If you are hitting the ball the same way you always have and it’s not giving you the desired outcome then you may need a new shaft.

You may also need to reshaft your golf clubs if your experience and performance have changed. If you were fitted for clubs as a beginner and are now more skilled, you may need to reshaft your clubs. Your clubs were fitted to you as a beginner and your power, skill and precision have changed therefore your shafts need to change to help you continue to grow your skills.

Reshafting is just one of the ways you can make sure you are performing at your best. If you believe your golf clubs need more help you could also look into regripping or lie/loft adjustments.
It is best to have your clubs reshafted by a professional. At Kelly’s Golf we will work with you to figure out the right shaft for your golf game. Working with a professional allows you to ensure you are getting the perfect fit and can play at your best.